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Introducing Highlights@Home

Columbus, OH • Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Free Curated Email Subscription Delivered to Families Twice a Week

Highlights debuts Highlights@Home, a free email subscription that provides parents and kids with fun and memorable activities to enjoy while sequestered at home. 

Highlights debuts Highlights@Home, a free email subscription that provides parents and kids with fun and memorable activities to enjoy while sequestered at home. Themed collections organized around family-friendly topics will be emailed twice a week – each one filled with stories, puzzles, videos, games, creative activities like crafts or recipes, physical activities and suggested acts of kindness. In addition, every collection will include a video message for parents from Highlights Editor-in-Chief and Chief Purpose Officer Christine French Cully, offering tips and inspiration for ways to create new at-home routines, strengthen family bonds and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Highlights@Home is designed not only to help bolster a child’s cognitive development but their emotional well-being as well,” said Christine French Cully. “We were careful to select themes and activities that will help children see ways to cope with disappointment, to discover that they can self-motivate, to view boredom as an opportunity to use their imaginations, to show new ways to express compassion and to practice optimism – setting the table for learning some important life lessons too.”

Each themed collection contains a variety of activities, including things to solve, to read, to get you moving, to make, to do for others and to write, draw or talk about. The collections are created in a way that allows parents to choose to use each idea however works best for their families. The ideas are effective, simple, easy to execute and don’t require any training as a teacher or a tutor. Anyone interested may sign up to directly receive Highlights@Home at, and links to each collection and downloadable content will reside on

Following is an outline of themes for April:

Week 1:

  • Find Your Funny Bone
    Having a sense of humor is essential in these complicated days. Without making light of the situation, content will focus on laughter and making the best of your time at home.
  • We Are (All) Family
    This theme promotes sibling revelry versus rivalry, and celebrates all family members—human AND animal—who are home together.

Week 2:

  • Never-ending Piles of Fun
    Turn laundry – that essential, endless chore – into something the whole family can enjoy together. Embrace the opportunities for learning through laundry: counting, matching, sorting, sock puppets with orphan socks, and more.
  • Every Day is Pajama Day!
    The whole world is topsy-turvy, why not have some fun? Now is the day to let go, upend the rules, and be silly!

Week 3:

  • Check it Out: We Love Libraries
    Just because libraries are closed doesn’t mean books can’t be celebrated! This theme supports the goal of developing a love of reading.
  • Staying in Touch
    There are lots of fun ways to connect with loved ones—from voice or video calling to even writing letters. This theme focuses on coming together while we’re apart.

Week 4:

  • Just Keep Dancing!
    Get your groove on! Social distancing doesn’t mean you’re stuck on the couch. This theme encourages physical activity.
  • Let’s Be Honest
    A contrast to April Fools’ Day, this day encourages kids to be their best selves by being honest with their feelings. This theme focuses on children’s social-emotional development.

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