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High Five Bilingüe Magazine

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Ages 2-6

Great supplemental resource for your program and your families

Research tells us that in order to learn English, Spanish-speaking children also need rich content in their home language. High Five Bilingüe magazine is the perfect solution, with 14 pages in Spanish, 14 in English, and 8 in both languages. Designed for preschoolers and emergent and beginning readers, High Five Bilingüe's stories, poems, puzzles, and activities build home-language and new-language literacy for children and their parents and teachers.

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Why High Five Bilingüe Is Just Right:

  • It strengthens a child’s first language while introducing them to a second one
  • Simple stories and translations make it easy for adults to read aloud in both English and Spanish
  • Age-appropriate content engages little ones and helps them become their best selves — curious, creative, caring and confident
  • It supports the parent/child bond while they cuddle and read together

Here's What You'll Find:

  • My First Hidden Pictures scenes and other puzzles with both Spanish and English clues for comparison
  • Share-together stories, poems and activities that appear first in Spanish, then are repeated in English
  • Activities in Spanish and English, for hands-on learning
  • High-quality illustrations that support language learning in English and Spanish for children

High Five Bilingue is available in a monthly subscription format. The following pricing per student applies to a 9-Month Subscription Term*

15+ Subscriptions

$16.95 per sub.

100+ Subscriptions

$16.25 per sub.

500+ Subscriptions

$15.45 per sub.

or, call 614-324-7999 for a quote

*This is an approximate average cost based on a 9-month subscription term, prices will vary slightly depending on actual subscription term length.

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