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High Five Bilingüe™ Magazine

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Ages 2-6

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Research tells us that in order to learn English, Spanish-speaking children also need rich content in their home language. High Five Bilingüe magazine is the perfect solution, with 14 pages in Spanish, 14 in English, and 8 in both languages. Designed for preschoolers and emergent and beginning readers, High Five Bilingüe's stories, poems, puzzles, and activities build home-language and new-language literacy for children and their parents and teachers.

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“¡Hola!” and “Hello!”

High Five Bilingüe™ is a magazine for young children — in Spanish and English — based on the same character- and skill-building fun that has made High Five™ magazine a favorite.

It’s English AND Spanish Learning for kids!

Each monthly issue brings 36 pages of read-along stories, poems, puzzles and crafts  — in both languages — that set young children on the path toward lifelong learning and language proficiency. With content appropriate for beginning readers, as well as for children and adults just learning Spanish or English, High Five Bilingüe engages little ones and makes them excited to learn and practice vocabulary.

Every issue has 14 pages of stories, puzzles and activities entirely in Spanish, which are then repeated in English, plus several pages in both languages together. Colorful illustrations help kids understand the words and ideas in each piece.

Just like with High Five magazine, children will look forward to reading new adventures of familiar characters every month, gain confidence from solving age-appropriate puzzles, and laugh along with fun stories and poems.

Why High Five Bilingüe™ Is Just Right:

  • It strengthens a child’s first language while introducing them to a second one
  • Simple stories and translations make it easy for adults to read aloud in both English and Spanish
  • Age-appropriate content engages little ones and helps them become their best selves — curious, creative, caring and confident
  • It supports the parent/child bond while they cuddle and read together

Here's What You'll Find:

  • My First Hidden Pictures™ scenes and other puzzles with both Spanish and English clues for comparison
  • Share-together stories, poems and activities that appear first in Spanish, then are repeated in English
  • Activities in Spanish and English, for hands-on learning
  • High-quality illustrations that support language learning in English and Spanish for children

High Five Bilingue is available in a monthly subscription format. The following pricing per student applies to a 12-Month Subscription Term*

15+ Subscriptions

$16.95 per sub.

100+ Subscriptions

$16.25 per sub.

500+ Subscriptions

$15.45 per sub.

or, call 614-324-7999 for a quote

*This is an approximate average cost based on a 12-month subscription term, prices will vary slightly depending on actual subscription term length.

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