9,000+ Hidden Pictures® puzzles created • Hidden Pictures® puzzles started in June 1946 • Hidden Pictures® puzzles are created in 21 languages • 100+ variations of bananas hidden • Objects hidden 500+ times: crescent moon, pizza slice, & feather • Strangest items hidden: can opener, goblet, & vacuum cleaner • 2,306 toothbrushes hidden  • 116 million hidden objects found in the Hidden Pictures® app • Pencil is the #1 hidden object  • 114,943 objects hidden in 9,000+ Hidden Pictures® puzzles • 615 artists have created Hidden Pictures® puzzles • Illustrator Tim Davis has created 575 puzzles • Top 10 hidden objects: pencil, toothbrush, banana, candle, spoon, fish, heart, sailboat, bell, & ice-cream cone.

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6 Ways Hidden Pictures Puzzles Benefit Kids

  1. Enhances figure-ground perception. While looking for hidden objects, kids develop the ability to recognize a figure from the surrounding lines and shapes within the picture.
  2. Increases vocabulary. Each picture clue of the puzzle is labeled with its name. This helps children become visually familiar with the names of many objects.
  3. Promotes attention to detail. As kids gain experience in looking for hidden objects, they become more adept at finding finer detail.
  4. Sharpens object constancy. In looking for hidden objects and figures, kids recognize that objects remain the same regardless of their proportions and position within a larger picture.
  5. Instills good work habits. Because Hidden Pictures puzzles are so absorbing, children spend more time on the activity, thus increasing their concentration, persistence and determination. And since kids can use the picture clues provided to help, it encourages independence while solving puzzles.
  6. Develops self-confidence. Age is not a determiner of success in completing a Hidden Pictures puzzle. A young child can often spot something that an adult or an older child misses — even in challenging puzzles. Imagine what that does for your child's confidence!