Free puzzle games, stories, crafts, and printable activities for kids ages 4–12.

Care for Your CommunityCare for Your Community
This Election Day, the idea of what’s best for your community is probably top of mind. That’s why we’ve put together this civic-minded collection of free digital resources, Care for Your Community. Casting your vote is one important way to show up for your community. In addition to voting, we offer plenty of other ways for you and your child to support your town—ones that don’t have any age requirements!
care for your community

1. Care for Your Community

Watch our video for ways to support your community.

solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

This family is helping their community by keeping their neighborhood leaf-free. Find the hidden objects in this picture, then help your child find ways to clean up your own neighborhood. 

listen to a story

3. Listen to a Story

One hundred years ago, women won the right to vote. Unfortunately, there was still a long way to go before everyone in the country was given a voice in our government. Listen to this story about Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger and the part she played in securing womens’ voting rights. Then, talk with your child about the importance of voting.

serve your community

4. Serve in Your Community

Help your child feel the joy of giving back to your community. Choose one (or several!) of these service ideas.

write a letter to your senator

5. Write a Letter to Your Senator

It’s never too early to teach a child to stand up for their beliefs. Read here how to write to a senator or representative about your concerns or to thank them for doing a great job! 

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

What did your child’s stickers look like? Share them with us at

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

We’re sure your child had great ideas! We’d love to know about them. Share what they've done on

Look for differences

8. Look for Differences

These two pictures look the same—at first. Can your child spot all the differences

search the scene

9. Search the Scene

Elections are for more than just presidents—they’re for local and state leaders, too. After your child finds all the hidden objects in the scene, take a moment to discuss the influence these local politicians have on our daily lives.

give a gift of soup

10. Give a Gift of Soup

Do you have a neighbor or family member who could use cheering up? Or a warm bowl of soup? Help your child make this soup in a jar to give as a gift to warm up someone’s day. 

make a crown

11. Make a Patriotic Crown

Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom, welcoming immigrants to the United States. Find out how to make this iconic crown.

find the hidden objects

12. Find the Hidden Objects

These friends are helping to keep their city garden in tip-top shape! Can you find all of the objects hidden in the scene?

bat a balloon

13. Bat a Balloon

This game is perfect for playing with friends over video chat. Who can keep their balloon in the air the longest?

use the clues

14. Use the Clues

Check out this puzzle to see school voting in action. Voting matters—even in school! 


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