Free puzzle games, stories, crafts, and printable activities for kids ages 4–12.

Fantastical FunFantastical Fun
Even children who are “too old” to truly believe in fairies, dragons, or superheroes can still find great fun in reading fantastical tales or playing make-believe. Reading about and playing in imaginary worlds has wonderful benefits for kids. It gives them an opportunity to process their emotions and reactions in a safe place, distanced from the expectations of the real world. Dramatic play and storytelling encourage flexible thinking in young ones—setting them up to be better problem solvers in the future. We hope this collection helps your child’s imagination and creativity run wild as you explore worlds of mermaids, monsters, and magical beings!
Fantastical Fun

1. Fantastical Fun

Watch our video for ways imaginative play benefits kids.

solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

While this bear class reads a fairy tale during story time, look around the room to see if you can find the eight hidden objects. Then read your child’s favorite fairy tale together.  

dragon toss game

3. Toss a Dragon

Follow the directions to make your own dragon’s lair and dragon—and then play the game! Who can stand the farthest away and still get the dragon in his lair?

create a castle

4. Create a Castle

Use this printable to create your own desktop castle, complete with two dragon friends.  

fantasy creatures

5. Read an Article

Have you ever wondered what inspired your favorite fantasy creatures? Read this article to find out the history behind dragons, cyclops, mermaids, and more!  

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

What was your child’s story about? Encourage them to share it with us at

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Did your child choose a unicorn? A hippogriff? A minotaur? We’d love to see a drawing or read about their mythical friend at

search the scene

8. Search the Scene

Flit about with these friendly fairies as you find the hidden objects in the scene. 

make salsa

9. Sample Some Salsa

Whip up some spicy salsa to have you breathing like a dragon! If you prefer it mild—or even sweet—there are variations for you here as well.

unicorn barrette holder

 10. Hang a Barrette

This unicorn barrette holder would be a great addition to your child’s bedroom, to help keep hair items organized in one place.


unicorn jokes

11. Find the Hidden Objects

While you look for the objects in this comedy club together, ask your child to share their favorite jokes with you. 

questing stone

12. Go on a Quest

This craft encourages storytelling and creativity, with an added level of spontaneity. Flip your questing stone to make decisions throughout your story and see where the stone’s turns take you.  

picture puzzler

13. Make a Match

Use this grid of magical creatures to find the hidden patterns. For an added challenge, time your child to see how fast they can finish the puzzle. 

fill in the grid

14. Fill in the Grid

Use the letters in each imaginary creature’s name to fill in this grid. Do you see a creature your child’s not familiar with? Help them research it online and then draw your best versions of it together.  

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