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Fly Into FallFly Into Fall
Can you smell the change in the air? We can! The change of seasons is here and as we welcome autumn officially on September 22, we’re hoping that you’ll join us and Fly into Fall—the theme of this week’s Highlights@Home collection. Nothing says fall quite like the turning leaves. From our Hidden Pictures puzzle to our science article about autumn’s vibrant reds to our fall treasure hunt, we’re excited to share opportunities for creative thinking and scientific exploration as we move into a new season.
solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

These kids are raking leaves into piles, but a silly dog is messing them up! Help them out by finding all 12 hidden objects.

read about turning leaves

3. Read an Article

Ever wonder why not all leaves turn the same color in the fall? Read this article to find out. Then ask your child if he has a favorite leaf color and why.

tasty fall treats

4. Taste Toasty Fall Treats

These Toasty Fall Treats put an autumnal twist on a tried-and-true snack. Explore different toppings with your child, and encourage her to try something new.

Do something for others

5. Do Something for Others

Did your child write a poem? Invite them to share it with us on!

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

6. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

We’d love to hear about the smells your child associates with fall. Share their drawing or description with us on

fall treasure hunt

7. Find Signs of Fall

Take your child outside and look for signs of the season. Then turn the whole scavenger hunt into a keepsake piece of art to display.

build a water microscope

8. Build a Water Microscope

Turn your child’s Fall Find It artwork into a science project by building this water microscope from The Highlights Book of Things to Do. Together, discuss how looking at the objects under a microscope is different from looking with the naked eye.

find the hidden objects

9. Find the Hidden Objects

Try to find all of the objects in this Hidden Pictures puzzle. Then ask your child to name one good thing and one bad thing about jumping in leaf piles.

make and play football

10. Make and Play Football

Even if your child can’t play real football this year, he can still get in the fall-sport spirit with this miniature version that can be played anywhere. 

solve a crossword puzzle

11. Solve a Crossword

Fall weather can be really wacky! Be familiar with any sort of weather this fall might bring by solving this Weather Words crossword puzzle. Together, discuss which types of weather you usually experience in the area where you live.

paint up a storm

12. Paint Up a Storm

Fall storms look like a work of art as they send colorful leaves swirling through the sky. Encourage your child to paint up their own fall storm to capture some of nature’s beauty.

find fall friends

13. Find Fall Friends

Solve the Hidden Pictures puzzle. Then, say this tongue twister five times fast: furry friends frolic in fall.

make apple pie oatmeal

14. Make Apple-Pie Oatmeal

Celebrate autumn’s apple harvest with this easy and nutritious breakfast.

Share a drawingShare a drawing