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Give ThanksGive Thanks
This Thanksgiving is going to be a strange one for many of us. But some traditions hold fast, perhaps with a twist. We’re still looking forward to seeing our loved ones, whether gathered around the table or on a screen. We’re excited to take a break and gobble up some delicious food, even if it’s at our own kitchen table. But most importantly, we are taking the time to really appreciate what we have, to Give Thanks. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to find new ways to practice gratitude as a family. Beyond teaching them to simply say “thank you,” you can discuss current events and help your kids understand that there are people more and less fortunate than them. You can teach them to save up for things they want to buy so they appreciate their value. Regularly ask your kids to list things they’re happy about and grateful for. Encourage them to donate part of their allowance to charity. Volunteer together when you can. And let them know about the things you’re grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Highlights. We are thankful for you!
Give Thanks

1. Give Thanks

Watch our video for some ways your family can give thanks.

solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

While the turkeys prepare for their Thanksgiving feast, find all the hidden objects in this puzzle. Then ask your child about their favorite Thanksgiving food.

read a poem

3. Read a Poem

Many families make pumpkin or apple pie for Thanksgiving, but the family in this poem makes. . . pizza pie? Have fun reading the rhyming poem together.

play thanksgiving games

4. Play Thanksgiving Games

Every celebration can use a game or two—or eight! Check out this list of Thanksgiving-themed games to play as a family.

craft napkin holders

5. Craft Napkin Holders

Brighten up the dinner table with goofy gobblers at every plate.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

We’d love to know what your child is thankful for. Have them share with us on

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Ask your child to share their thoughts about Thanksgiving in July on

create a thankful turkey

8. Create a Thankful Turkey

Have your child write something they are thankful for on each feather of this colorful turkey. This activity from The 2021 Almanac of Fun also includes a bonus Thanksgiving quiz. 

find the hidden objects

9. Find the Hidden Objects

After stuffing themselves with stuffing, this family of turkeys is facing off in football. See how many objects you can find before the game is over. 

cook up some leftover pies

10. Cook Up Leftover Pies

Jazz up your Turkey Day leftovers with a recipe for delicious mini pies. Try all four varieties, or see if your kids have their own ideas.

make turkey finger puppets

11. Make Finger Puppets

Put on a show with silly turkey puppets—one for each finger! The possibilities are endless! 

search the scene

12. Search the Scene

Find all the differences between the pictures in this puzzle before the food disappears.

celebrate November

13. Celebrate November

November is almost over—see how many of these activities you can do before the month is out! 

Divvy up desserts

14. Divvy Up Desserts

Solve two logic puzzles featuring delicious desserts. Then ask your child which of the desserts they think looks the yummiest.  

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