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Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!
Are jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, and ghosts popping up in your neighborhood? Well, it’s Halloween! We’d like to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! And that is the theme of this week’s collection of free digital resources. We recognize that this year, Halloween might look different depending on your situation and your community’s events. So we’ve carefully created this collection to include puzzles, crafts, and other spooky activities for you to enjoy as a family. As you prepare for the holiday, talk with your kids about what they think would make this year’s celebration special. However you celebrate, we hope you have a spook-tacular Halloween!
happy halloween

1. Happy Halloween!

Watch our video for some Halloween inspiration.

solve a pumpkin puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

Dressing up and carving pumpkins? Check and check. Check off all the hidden objects, and then make a list of your own “must-dos” this Halloween. Be sure to keep a camera handy! 

read an article

3. Read an Article

Does your child enjoy scary things or run the other way? Read this article to learn about the science of thrills and chills. 

count down to Halloween

4. Count Down to Halloween

Get into the Halloween spirit with this list of crafts, recipes, and activities that are perfect to do together as a family. 

make a hexaflex pumpkin

5. Make a Hexaflexa Pumpkin

Fold up a pumpkin that changes faces! This mind-bending paper craft is super easy to make using the template and step-by-step video.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

After your child’s story is finished, have them share it with us on  

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

We’d love to hear about your child’s dream costume! They can share a drawing or description on

look for similarities

8. Look for Similarities

Cool costumes abound in this Tic Tac Row puzzle from Highlights magazine. Solve the puzzle, and then ask your child which costume is their favorite.

search the scene

9. Search the Scene

This reverse black-and-white puzzle is extra eerie—solve it if you dare!

make spider cookies

10. Make Spider Cookies

Nothing says Halloween like creepy crawly critters. Whip up some of these simple, no-bake cookies.  

experiment with slime

11. Experiment with Slime

Which witch concocted this bubbling brew? Have frightful fun with  oopy, goopy, slippery slime.

find the hidden objects

12. Find the Hidden Objects

Vampires and ghosts are facing off in a spook-tacular game. Find the hidden objects, then play your child’s favorite game in costume. 

bowl in the dark

13. Bowl in the Dark

Use glow-in-the-dark paint to transform cardboard tubes into a ghostly game. Play any time of day or night. 

laugh at spooky sillies

14. Laugh at Spooky Jokes

What kind of horse does the boogeyman ride? Click to learn the answer—and hear other spooky jokes!

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