Free puzzle games, stories, crafts, and printable activities for kids ages 4–12.

Jump Into a BookJump Into a Book
In honor of National Read a Book Day on September 6, we’re focusing on reading in this new Highlights @Home collection—because it’s always a good time to Jump into a Book! A love of reading is essential for helping kids develop important skills, as we know that kids who read routinely are better communicators, have bigger vocabularies, and benefit from longer attention spans. Reading also opens new pathways of exploration, allowing kids to experience different people, places, and ideas, which builds knowledge and empathy. We encourage you and your kids to go book some time with a good book!
book puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

The kids in this puzzle created a clubhouse where they can read their favorite books. After finding all the hidden objects, ask your child where he likes to read best.

Balancing the Books

3. Read a Story

Becca loves to read books of any genre—but she always runs out too quickly! Read this story to find out how she solves the problem.

Play writing games

4. Play Writing Games

After reading a lot of good books, your kids might be inspired make up their own stories. Get started with these fun writing games from soon-to-be-published The Highlights Book of Things to Do.

review a book

5. Review a Book

Part of the fun of reading is sharing books with other people. With this book review template, your child can review as many books as she’d like!

Read a book to someone in your family

6. Do Something for Others

Have your kids try the above idea or come up with one of their own! Then tell us about it on!

what book character would you be

7. Write, Draw or Talk About It

Invite your child to think about the above prompt. Then record, document, or save his creative work, and share it with us on!

Sort it Out

8. Sort It Out

Look for words that belong together in a story about ice cream. Then solve the Hidden Pictures puzzle!

solve a galactic puzzzle

9. Solve a Galactic Puzzle

Find good books, aliens, and hidden objects in an out-of-this-world bookshop.

make dirt cups

10. Make Dirt Cups

Every bookworm needs a snack—with yummy gummy worms! Try out this yummy dirt cup recipe.

create your own book

11. Create Your Own Book

This mini-notebook craft is perfect for any aspiring author or illustrator.

read something new

12. Read Something New

Books are not the only way to promote reading fluency. Check out these ideas of other cool things for kids to read!

find the hidden objects

13. Find the Hidden Objects

Reading is a fantastical adventure! Help the unicorn find all the hidden objects in this puzzle.

books never written

14. Match ’Em Up

See if you can match up each funny book title with its funny author.

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