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Never Ending Piles of FunNever Ending Piles of Fun
According to the calendar of silly holidays, April 15 is National Laundry Day, but most parents would agree that every day is laundry day! Today we’re having a little fun with it and bringing you a bundle of new resources called Never-ending Piles of Fun! Maybe a laundry-themed collection sounds a little odd, but why not? We can teach our kids some self-care skills--another bright spot in our current circumstances. Kids usually like to help, and when we make the chores fun, they’re often eager to pitch in.
never ending pile of fun

1. Never-ending Piles of Fun

Watch this video on turning chores into games for kids.

solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

Try this Hidden Pictures puzzle, where all the socks have a match. Then have a family contest to see who can sort the most socks from the laundry in one minute!

read a story

3. Read a Punny Play

Read this play about “sole mates.” Grab some socks and put on a family show! 

Fold in Some Fun

4. Fold in Some Fun

Read about the many benefits that folding laundry has for kids. Then turn on some music and have a family folding dance party! 

make a laundry basket theater

5. Make a Laundry Basket Theater

The show must go on! Help your kids set up their own improv theater and get ready for loads of giggles.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

Make laundry lists of ways to be helpful. Have your kids try one of these ideas or come up with a few of their own. Then tell us what they've done on

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to pick one or both of these prompts, then record, document, or save their creative work, and share it with us on

Share a JokeShare a Joke