Free puzzle games, stories, crafts, and printable activities for kids ages 4–12.

Savor the Summer NightsSavor the Summer Nights
There’s just something special about summer nights! Many of us have warm childhood memories of campfires, flashlight tag, stories being read, or board games played for hours on end. Oh, those summer nights! In this Highlights@Home collection, we’re encouraging your family to Savor the Summer Nights, because time passes so quickly, and kids grow up so fast. We have lots of ideas to make summer nights special for your family. We hope you take the time to lean in and listen to your kids, be fully present, and make some warm memories together!
solve a firefly puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

Fireflies bring a spark of light to the nighttime darkness. Find the objects in this Hidden Pictures puzzle. Then ask your child to think of some other things that can light up the night.

read a summer night poem

3. Read a Poem

Read this poem about a peaceful summer night. Together, think about how a summer night is different from a winter night.

track the moon

4. Track the Moon

Encourage your child to explore and track how the moon changes every night. Ask your child why he thinks the moon looks different at different times of the month?

make a night sky mobile

6. Make a Night Sky Mobile

Make this glow-in-the-dark mobile to bring the night sky inside, where the clouds won’t ever block the view.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

Have your kids try one of the above ideas or come up with a few of their own! Then tell us what they've done at

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to pick one or both of the above prompts. Then record, document, or save her creative work, and share it with us on

Make fruit salad

8. Make Starry Watermelon Fruit Salad

Make this star-shaped snack to sit under the stars and cool down after a hot, summer day.