Free puzzle games, stories, crafts, and printable activities for kids ages 4–12.

Share KindnessShare Kindness
This week, we invite you to Share Kindness and join us in a global movement of caring and empathy in celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13. It can be challenging to raise a caring kid in a sometimes harsh world. But we have tips to help encourage your child to choose kindness. One thing you can do is perform random acts of kindness as a family. Don’t forget that non-random acts of kindness are important, too. For example, modeling kindness by regularly volunteering for an organization you support shows your commitment to caring. Another way to encourage kindness is by talking about your feelings. Help your kids find the words to express themselves, and talk about your own emotions and the feelings of others, too. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, model caring behavior for your children. They may see plenty of unkind examples in the world, but the kindness children learn at home will affect the way they treat others.
Solve a kindness puzzle

1. Share Kindness

Watch our video for ways to encourage kindness.


solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

Find the hidden objects in this neighborly scene. Then encourage your kids to give a friendly wave to any friends and neighbors you drive or walk by. How else can you be kind to neighbors?

listen to a story

3. Listen to a Story

Follow along as Editor-in-Chief Christine French Cully reads Kindness Counts, a countdown book that shows kids some of the ways they can be kind. Then challenge your own family to try out 10 acts of kindness over the next few weeks. 

play family kindness bingo

4. Play Family Kindness Bingo

Choosing kindness is key to harmony in the family. The whole family can use this bingo card to keep track of ways to be kind.

honor veterans

5. Honor Veterans

Extend kindness to those who served in the Armed Forces. Read about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and make a wreath or star frame to honor the veterans in your life.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

Does your child have an idea for an act of kindness? Share it with us at



Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

We’d love to know your child’s thoughts! Share what they've done on


leave nice notes

8. Leave Nice Notes

Print these friendly Timbertoes-themed notes and encourage your kids to use them to brighten someone’s day. They might leave them for neighbors or send them to friends. Or you can add them to your kids’ lunchboxes for a sweet surprise!

search the scene

9. Search the Scene

Find hidden objects as these little helpers pile firewood for the family.

make pull-apart pizza bread

10. Make Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

It’s kind to share! Make this cheesy, doughy, shareable pizza bread with the whole family.

mail a hug

11. Mail a Hug

Your kids can use the printable pattern to create a huggable sloth card to send to someone they miss. 

find the hidden objects

12. Find the Hidden Objects

Search the scene as these bunk buddies share a good book.

take a quiz

13. Take a Quiz

One of the best ways to show kindness to someone is to really listen to what they have to say. Take this quiz to find out if you’re a good listener or if your listening skills need work. 

tell some jokes

14. Tell Some Jokes

Spreading laughter is an act of kindness! Watch these kids tell some real humdingers and share some jokes of your own with your friends and family. You can share them with us, too!

share a photoshare a photo