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Smile, Laugh, Repeat! Smile, Laugh, Repeat!
World Smile Day is coming up on October 2, and don’t we all need something to smile about? We hope this Highlights@Home collection, Smile, Laugh, Repeat!, will give you a few reasons to do just that. Beyond making life fun, humor has many benefits. When kids begin to tell and understand jokes, they’re learning to look beyond the obvious and see things from other perspectives, and sharing jokes can help kids build self-esteem. It’s a great feeling to make other people laugh! That’s why you’ll find humor infused into just about every Highlights publication. And we hope you and your kids take your smiles and laughter and spread them around.
solve a puzzle

2. Solve a Puzzle

Does  a  new  pair  of  shoes  make  you  smile?  Imagine  how  a  centipede  feels  getting  50  new  pairs  of  shoes!  Find  the  hidden  objects  in  this  silly  scene.

read some jokes

3. Read Some Jokes

Have  a  laugh  in  this  Goofy  Garden  from  a  recent  issue  of Highlights  magazine. These  are  some  punny  plants!

celebrate October

4. Celebrate October

Try  the  activities  in  this  list  of  things  to  do  in  October. There's  so  much  to  smile  about!

make a crocodile

5. Make a Smilin' Crocodile

Make  this  cute  crocodile  craft  with  recycled  materials.

Do something for others

6. Do Something for Others

Have your kids try this idea or come up with one of their own. Then they can share what they've done on

Write, Draw, or Talk About It

7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to try the above prompt. Then record, document, or save their creative work, and have them share it with us on


look for sillies

8. Look for Sillies

Watch  this  video  featuring  a  silly  dino  dig  scene  from  the  pages  of  High  Five  magazine. How  many  sillies  can  you  find?

find the hidden objects

9. Find the Hidden Objects

The jokes keep coming at the Cluck Club! Find the hidden objects in this hilarious scene.

play food pranks

10. Have Some Fun with Your Food

Check out this list of good natured pranks to play on your family.

make hair dough friends

11. Make Hair-Dough Friends

Use paper cups and play dough to make wacky characters with silly hair.

Play Fukuwarai

12. Play Fukuwarai

The name of this Japanese game means "lucky laugh." Take turns making funny faces and let hilarity ensue!

solve a shark puzzle

13. Solve a Shark Puzzle

Even sharks practice good dental hygiene. Find the hidden objects in this tooth-brushing scene.

tell silly stories

14. Tell Silly Stories

Cut out these cute story tiles and create some silly scenarios!


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