Highlights Values All Families

Our mission at Highlights is to help children become their best selves—curious, creative, caring and confident. We seek only to create the best possible content for children.

We are general interest magazines and we publish fiction and non-fiction of all types, as well as games, puzzles, jokes, and crafts.  Our target audience is kids, those under the age of 12; most of them are under the age of 8 or 9.  The themes we cover in our magazines are broad and universal—relatable to children trying to navigate childhood.  We focus on the experiences they have in their world, rather than on the relationships among the adults around them.

For those of you who know us—who read Highlights magazine as a child or have given it to a child—you know we have a long history of inclusion.  When we represent people in our magazines, we make it a point to include diversity.  We strive to be diverse in every way; the goal is not to specifically spotlight diversity but to represent it within the context of the magazine the way we always have, to help kids understand that while differences exist, we are all actually more alike than different. 

Our depiction of people is in support of our mission to help children become their best selves and understand that all families, including theirs, are important.  We appreciate your continued trust in us in enriching children’s lives with our publications.