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Help your kid take off with this plane marionette craft. With plenty to personalize, it’s a great art activity that turns into a creative toy with tons of play opportunities.
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Puppet Plane

our kids will love to watch the colored bubbles as they float in the air—and also when they pop on the plain paper!
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Paint With Bubbles

Ideal for summer breezes, this wind sock is easy and fun to make.
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Colorful Windsocks

When paper isn’t big enough for your little artist, move to the sidewalk. A set of these paints and a big chunk of pavement are all your kids need.
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Easy-to-Make Sidewalk Paint

Try these easy finger paints made from ingredients you already have around the house. They’re a fun way to get messy and engage your kids in sensory play.
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Homemade Finger Paints

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Homemade Teachers’ Gifts

These interlocking cards are simple to craft and have lots of construction possibilities. They’re also super portable (hello, playdate!). So encourage your budding architect to measure, cut, and build!
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Measure, Cut, Build!

7 Family Games to Play Anywhere!
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Play Anywhere Family Games

This adorable treat is just too cute! Plus, it’s easy to make. Kids get to dip and decorate these chocolate-cherry mice.
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Adorable Chocolate Mouse

12 Ways to Reboot Your Summer
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Fun Ways to Start Off Summer

Sidewalk Chalk
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DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Homemade Bubbles and Bubble Wands
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Homemade Bubbles and Wands

Monster Puppets
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Theatrical Sock Monster Puppets

community service ideas for kids
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21 Community Service Ideas

Fireworks Painting
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Splatter Art