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15 Fun & Easy Craft Projects

Hands-on fun for the whole family!

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From homemade picture frames to silly monster puppets, these simple projects are perfect for weeknight craft sessions or afternoons at home together. Share photos of your kids’ finished creations with #MyHighlightsKid on Instagram!
15 Fun Crafts

Put your kid’s imagination to work and transform an old snack box into a chunky frame for your favorite family photos. 


Have your kids choose a few family snapshots to clip to the arms of this friendly octopus for a unique photo display! 


Build your child’s imagination and observation skills with a project that lets them create their own little village. 


Got a few cardboard boxes taking up space? Give them a second chance by creating cars or other toys with your kids. 


Make a soapy mix and wands from household items, then head outside and blow some homemade bubbles together! 


Explore endless construction possibilities and inspire your budding architect with these easy-to-craft interlocking cards. 


Help your kids practice hand-eye coordination, hone fine motor skills, and have a whole lot of fun with this adorable craft. 


  8. Block Prints 

Kids won’t know exactly what their print will look like until they transfer paint to paper — but that’s part of the fun! 


Can’t save time in a bottle? Create a time capsule together and save your family’s memories to enjoy in the future. 


Upcycle an empty shoebox and watch your little one explore making music with their very own homemade guitar!  


Perfect for pretend play! This free printable includes cut-outs to create a desktop castle, complete with two dragon friends. 


12. Mail a Hug 

Surprise someone special with a homemade hug! Your little one will love getting creative with these printable cut-outs. 


Help your child make a cute and colorful pretend treat with a few crafting supplies — no glue needed for this one! 


Spark your preschooler’s imagination with this super simple craft — just attach printable cut-outs to paper bags! 


Use socks to create silly monsters, then encourage your child to put on a puppet show for the whole family! 


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