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15 Science Experiments

Discover something new together!

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Make new discoveries and lasting memories with these family-friendly science experiments. Share photos of your kid’s discoveries with #MyHighlightsKid on Instagram!
15 Science Experiments

Encourage your child’s curious nature by crafting this simple microscope together. You’ll both be surprised at what you can see! 


See how many colorful friends you and your child can attract with this butterfly “puddle” — it’s like a bird bath, but for butterflies! 


Kids of all ages will dig this earth science experiment! Find out what settles and what floats when you mix soil and water. 


A great mix of science and discovery goes into making this meter, which your aspiring ecologist can use to track rainfall.  


Ever wonder what’s inside your child’s favorite sweet treats? Find out together with these three easy-to-follow experiments. 


Form a hypothesis together and find out how the temperature of water changes the way it interacts with food coloring. 


What happens when you mix milk, soap, and food coloring? Your child will be blown away by the scientifically stunning results! 


Discover the effects of evaporation with your budding scientist — use a magnifying glass to get a good look at the salt crystals! 


Soap cleans so many things, but can it make an old penny look shiny and new again? Your child might be surprised by the answer. 


10. Grow This! 

Sprout a few seeds in a clear plastic cup, then watch the way roots stretch and spread through the soil as your plants begin to grow.  


This one is a whole mess of scientific fun! Curious kids will have a blast while they learn how to measure and predict an outcome. 


All you need is a lidless box and a few rubber bands to explore the science of sound waves with your young musician.  


Take a closer look at everyday objects and explore new perspectives together with a water microscope made from household items. 


You and your child can create a winter wonderland any time of year with this inventive recipe for homemade snow. 

Why wait for a rainy day to see a rainbow? With a few household items, you can create your own indoor rainbow together. 


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