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48 Sure-to-Please Holiday Gift Ideas

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Surprise your little ones with great gifts and wholesome fun this season. We think you’ll agree: the ideas below practically define childhood.
It’s fun to shop for presents—but it can also be exhausting. So why shop the stores (or spend hours online) when you can consult our guide to the best presents ever? Kids are bound to love these gifts because we filled our list with winners.

For Kids Who Love Make-Believe
  1. Fire hats, police badges, character costumes, and dress-up clothes
  2. A child-size kitchen set with plastic food to “cook and serve”
  3. Pretend home-repair and housekeeping items, such as plastic tools, pots and pans, utensils, and cardboard or plastic grocery-store favorites
  4. A dollhouse, complete with furniture and rooms to decorate
  5. A pretend tea set for entertaining
  6. For Kids Who Treasure Quiet-Time Play
  7. Farm- and zoo-animal play sets with richly detailed features to encourage learning about nature
  8. Plastic dinosaurs (because it’s just so super cool to have a dinosaur collection)
  9. Awesome new collectibles, including anime figures, superheroes, shiny coins, rocks and minerals, palm-size trains, tiny planes, and mini cars with moveable parts, character dolls, baseballs, hockey pucks, and, of course, any or all accessories
  10. Tabletop puzzles
  11. Giant floor puzzles
  12. Puzzle books
  13. Beads to string
  14. Interlocking blocks for building
  15. Wood shapes to stack and sort
  16. A sand table, buckets, and strainers
  17. A water table and cups
  18. For Outdoor Adventurers
  19. Kid-size binoculars, a telescope, or a microscope set
  20. Made-for-little-ones gardening tools, a watering can, and seeds
  21. Pail-and-shovel combos
  22. A wheelbarrow
  23. A tunnel to crawl through
  24. A wagon
  25. For Kids Who Love to Move
  26. A swing set
  27. A slide
  28. A tire swing
  29. A mini basketball hoop and ball
  30. A balance beam
  31. Kid-size golf clubs and balls
  32. A monkey bar
  33. A climbing wall
  34. A jungle gym
  35. Fitness hoops
  36. Sports gear for youth T-ball, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer
  37. For Creative Thinkers
  38. Modeling clay
  39. A guitar
  40. A keyboard
  41. A xylophone
  42. Maracas
  43. A harmonica
  44. An accordion
  45. Tambourines
  46. Jazz, tap, gymnastic, or ballet shoes
  47. Books. Books. And more books
  48. A digital watch
  49. An analog watch
  50. An awesome backpack
  51. For Kids Who Like To Snuggle
  52. One odd-looking but totally huggable giant stuffed animal
  53. Just-perfect-for-bedtime small stuffed animals; fabric and lifelike dolls; and age-appropriate miniature figures to  take care of  and carry around