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Inside Highlights May 2017

Ask Arizona

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Arizona learns that you can always make a new friend, even at the most unexpected moment.
Ask Arizona May 2017

What Kids Learn:

  • How to strike up a friendship
  • What to do once you make a friend
  • Good things can come from awkward situations

Every time kids read our monthly feature Ask Arizona, they develop their critical-thinking skills, decode the meaning of new words and phrases, and expand their vocabulary. At the same time, they learn from (and can relate to) the everyday experiences that shape the life of the story’s witty and entertaining narrator, Arizona.

Catch up with Arizona this month by reading the recap below—or by checking out the full story, “Help! All Alone at a Party,” on pages 40-41 of the May 2017 issue. Then, encourage your child to think more deeply about the story, using our reading-comprehension questions and conversation starters that follow.

Recap: In a letter, Shy in Shreveport tells Arizona she doesn’t want to attend her cousin’s party because she won’t know anyone there.

Arizona tells Shy she knows exactly what it’s like to feel like the odd one out: One time, she didn’t know a single guest at a friend’s birthday party.  Self-conscious, intimidated, and surrounded by strangers, Arizona kept to herself. Eventually, another lonely guest, Maddy, introduced herself to Arizona. The girls became fast friends; they participated in some games and ended up having a blast. Arizona tells Shy in Shreveport that she and Maddy have gotten together several times since the party, and she’s glad she went.

Conversation Starters:
  • In the story, Arizona revealed that she is shy around some people and outgoing around others. In what situations do you tend to be more reserved, and when are you more social?
  • Have you ever attended a party where you didn’t know many of the guests? How did you make new friends?
  • Maddy said, “When you think about it, it’s kind of great that Wyatt invited people from different parts of his life.” Do you usually spend time with the same friends, or are you open to meeting new people and spending time with them, too?
  • At a party, would you rather approach someone you don’t know and strike up a conversation, or would you prefer having someone approach you?
Reading-Comprehension Boosters
  • What did Arizona and Maddy discover that they had in common?
  • What were some of the activities at Wyatt’s birthday celebration?
  • How did Arizona feel at the beginning of the party? How did that change by the time her mom came to pick her up?
  • What did Maddy think was great about Wyatt’s birthday party?
  • What did Arizona mean when she told Shy in Shreveport, “They’d laugh you right out of town”?