10 Books to Read with Baby

Snuggle up with a good read!

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Reading aloud is one of the best gifts you can give your baby. It’s fun, free, and among the most effective ways to inspire your little one to become a lifelong reader. So grab one of the books from this list, snuggle up with your baby, and start reading!

1. Dreaming of You

By: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Illustrated by: Aaron DeWitt

Lyrical and soothing, this lullaby picture book prepares children for sleep by imagining what animals dream. With comforting rhyme, this lush bedtime book wishes a child the sweetest of dreams—animal dreams, wild and free.

2. Find It! Animals

Inspired by the popular puzzle feature in Highlights Hello™ magazine, the Find It! Lift-the-Flap board book series bring a novelty experience to Find It! puzzles. Find It! Animals features seven colorful puzzles designed to gently encourage learning and development. 

3. I Want to Grow

By: Ged Adamson

A dinosaur named Herb has noticed something about his friend Muriel: she’s getting taller. Herb is not. Desperate to catch up to Muriel, Herb tries every method he can think of to grow. Nothing Herb tries works! When will he finally grow? This humorous approach to the topic of growing taller will resonate with many children who struggle with this same issue.

4. Find It! At Bedtime

Find It! At Bedtime turns a favorite feature from Highlights Hello™ magazine into a popular series for babies and toddlers. The book combines everything our youngest readers love—bright colors, kid-friendly pictures, and developmentally appropriate challenges—with parents’ favorite features—durable pages, engaging activities, and a narrative about bedtime that teaches healthy habits and will stand up to many re-readings.

5. Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

By: Julie Sternberg

Illustrated by: Fred Koehler

Baby and Puppy are inseparable. From the moment they wake up in the morning to when they go to bed at night, the two do everything together. Even nap time cannot keep the two apart for long, as Puppy finds a way to stay near Baby. Julie Sternberg’s sweet, spare text is fun to read aloud and complements Fred Koehler’s humorous and heartwarming illustrations, creating the perfect picture book for the youngest children.  


6. A Number Slumber

By: Suzanne Bloom

In this book, beloved author-illustrator Suzanne Bloom asks readers how they prepare for bed—from putting on jammies to asking for one more hug—then counts down to bedtime from ten terribly tired tigers to one really weary wombat. Each animal demonstrates a different bedtime ritual—skunks somersault into bunks and elephants curl up with their trunks—adding original and inventive rhymes and a clever counting-backward structure to the bedtime book genre. The lyrical, rhyming text combines with dreamy, colorful artwork to provide a perfect way for children to wind down from an active day in a book sure to become a new bedtime classic.


7. Quick, Little Monkey!

By: Sarah L. Thomson

Illustrated by: Lita Judge

Little Monkey loves to fly high and quick through the trees on Papa Monkey’s back. And Papa teaches Little Monkey how to stay safe. But when Little Monkey slips, tumbling to the rain- forest floor, and an ocelot stalks her, does she know what to do? Yes! Just as Papa taught her, she flies high and quick from vine to vine where Papa is always looking out for her. This story celebrates independence with the comfort of a father’s love.

8. You Are Not a Cat!

By: Sharon Flake

Illustrated by: Anna Raff

This clever and hilarious story stars Cat, who starts out perfectly content and relaxed, and Duck, who infuriates him by meowing like a cat instead of quacking like Cat thinks he should. Written completely in dialogue, this minimalist text by award-winning novelist Sharon Flake is fun to read aloud. Anna Raff’s humorous and deceptively simple artwork highlights the characters’ personalities, showing Duck’s quirkiness and good humor and Cat’s rising frustration as Duck impersonates a variety of animals, refusing to concede that he is, indeed, a duck. Duck’s silliness will appeal to children who enjoy pretend play, and older siblings will relate to Cat’s annoyance as Duck refuses to leave his side. This concise, funny story is ideal for multiple readings, with playful details in the artwork and humor that never fades.


9. The Knowing Book

By: Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Illustrated by: Matthew Cordell

Here is a celebration of our world, of all that we already know, and of all that we will discover.   A rabbit and bird set off on an adventure. They choose a path, explore the unknown, pretend and play and imagine—and finally return, wiser than before. Their journey has taught us that both a hum and a cry will bring comfort when we’re lost, that we should keep curiosity and adventure in our pocket, that the sky is always above us, and that all the paths we take will join to lead us home.   Perfect for anyone embarking on a new chapter in their lives, this tribute to all that is important in the world around us encourages readers to live life to the fullest.


10. Farm Fun Carry and Play Board Book

Carry-and-Play Farm Fun features a collection of Farm-themed puzzles, mazes, and activities created just for quizzical toddlers. This 24-page board book contains developmentally appropriate brain games illustrated with horses, cows, tractors, and other farm scenes. Carry-and-Play Farm Fun is a perfect early introduction to brain-building games.