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Baby’s First Snowfall

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Baby’s first snowfall can melt your heart, but for this Midwestern mom, that first snowstorm with baby in tow was as magical as it was business as usual.
Baby’s First Snowfall
It’s not surprising that three-month-old Liesl Havey took her first snowfall in stride. Her parents are avid skiers and, well, they live in Minneapolis, which ranks fifth among America’s snowiest cities.
Here, Mackenzie Havey, 34, a freelance writer, talks about Liesl’s first snowfall and her daughter’s casual “I’ve got this one” attitude.
  1. Snow was light, icy, or wet and heavy?
    Wet and heavy.
  2. Was hip high or just a dusting?
    About six inches.
  3. Melted away or lasted forever?
    Lasted forever.
  4. You knew it was coming or didn’t expect it?
    We anticipated it. She’s a Minnesota girl, so we were really excited to introduce her to the snow.
  5. Braved the elements or stayed inside?
    Braved the elements. My husband and I walked with her to a nearby sushi restaurant. She was bundled and seemed pretty snug and warm in the stroller.
  6. Watched it snow or she was totally clueless?
    She had her eyes open and was looking around.
  7. She giggled and played or headed for cover?
    She smiled.
  8. Canceled activities or conducted business as usual?
    It was business as usual.
  9. Were hesitant to go out or are used to bad weather?
    Used to bad weather.
  10. Had hand-and-me-downs to use or bought plenty of clothing?
    Living in Minnesota, we got quite a few wintertime gifts when she was born—hats and gloves and a down-insulated suit.
  11. Turned up the heat or left it on arctic?
    Turned up the heat.
  12. Played in the snow or she had no idea what to do with it?
    Played as much as she could. We took the stroller cover off at one point, and she squinted when the snowflakes were falling on her face.
  13. Squirmed a lot or tolerated layers?
    She was pretty relaxed and happy. She was just along for the ride and taking in the scenery.
  14. Brief snowfall or daylong participation?
    It went on all day and night.
  15. Sledding: big enough to try or way too tiny?
    Too tiny.
  16. Love snow or think it’s a burden?
    Fans. We like to ski.
  17. Sidewalks shoveled or a kind of patchy?
    The path was cleared. It’s actually kind of fun to shovel in our neighborhood—everyone hangs out together and somebody makes coffee.
  18. Solo snowfall or lots more followed?
    Lots more followed.
  19. Snow with a baby: same old story or totally different experience?
    Different because it takes a lot longer to get out the door with all the extra layers and the stroller. But it’s worth it.
  20. Loving winter or want it to be over?
    Loving winter still.
  21. Dreading more snow or excited for next time?
    I’m excited for her to be able to play in the snow more. We’re getting a ski attachment for the stroller so we can cross-country ski with her. That’s the next big thing we’re looking forward to.