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Baby’s First Flight

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With planning, luck, and a dash of optimism, baby’s first flight can be an adventure to remember.
Baby’s First Flight

A tot’s first flight is always a big deal—a mix of things you can control (how well you pack and what time you leave for the airport), and stuff you can’t (flight delays and bad weather).

Here, 24-year-old Livingston, NJ mom, Danielle England, reveals what went right —and wrong—when nine-month-old Anwar took his first flight to visit family in Atlanta, GA.

1. Helped pack or slowed the momentum?

“He kept trying to tear everything out of the suitcase.”

2. Dressed for the flight or wore everyday clothing?

“Dressed up for the occasion. He wore a button-down shirt with palm trees on it and green khaki shorts with tourist sandals.”

3. Well-prepared or forgot something?

“Totally prepared. I brought his toys, wipes, and diapers, and separated his outfits into plastic bags.”

4. Took tons of toys or just his favorites?

“Just a rattle ball and a teething toy. He’s not too attached to anything—besides me!”

5. On time flight or way off schedule?

“Flight delayed. We were supposed to leave at 11 am, but we didn’t leave until 2 pm.”

6. Got restless or kept busy?

“He sat on the ground and threw my lip gloss back and forth.”

7. Smiled at the captain or met the flight attendants?

“Met the flight attendants.”

8. Terrified at takeoff or was relaxed throughout it?

“He didn’t even notice.”

9. Ears popped or not a problem?

“He nursed during takeoff and landing, to prevent his ears from popping. I got that advice from other moms.”

10. Brought a blanket or brought a binky to help him sleep?

“He literally cannot stay asleep without music playing, so we packed our iPads. He’s a big fan of 80’s and 90’s hip-hop and pop.”

11. Perfect passenger or terrified traveller?

“Perfect passenger.”

12. Entertained himself or entertained others?

“He stood on our laps and interacted with the other passengers.”

13. Wandered the aisles or stayed in his seat?

“He sat on my lap in an aisle seat but he kept peeking back at the people behind us.”

14. Read books or played with apps?

“He ripped up pages in a magazine we brought for him. He tore it apart.”

15. Ate airline food or Mommy’s snack pack?

“Mommy’s snack pack: Gerber’s crunchy snacks, a squeeze package of organic spinach, and blueberry purée.”

16. Watched the clouds or watched the movie?

“Watched two kids playing peek-a-boo with him.”

17. Quick trip or long schlep?

“It should have been quick but it was a long schlep.”

18. Seamless journey or drama-filled trip?

“Things went smoothly with the baby, but in terms of the flight it was a drama-filled trip.”

19. Clear skies or stormy weather?

“There was a really bad rainstorm in Atlanta, so they closed the airport. We circled, landed in Tennessee, and waited until we could take off again. On the way back there was a storm in Newark. We were already on the plane when they cancelled the flight. We had to get off the plane and wait for a new flight.”

20. Flipped out or rolled with the punches?

“Anwar was great. He was so calm.”

21. Glad you went or never again?

“I’m glad we did it, but I won’t do it again for a very long time.”