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Baby’s First Birthday

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With 30 grown-ups and 10 kids (5 of them fellow one-year-olds) cheering her on, Olwyn Albus made a splash at a backyard pool party to celebrate her first birthday. We asked her mom, Erin Katie Meehan, 31, of Tarrytown, NY, to answer 21 questions about her daughter’s special day.
Baby’s First Birthday Questions

1. Good mood or bad timing?

“Good mood. We had a wading pool, so she was pretty happy.”

2. Life of the party or would rather be napping?

“Life of the party—until it was naptime.”

3. Partied at home or rented a venue?

“Partied at home.”

4. Early event or late-day celebration?

“Midday. We really tried to schedule it between her morning and afternoon naps.”

5. Structured theme or totally random?

“She’s a July baby, so we had an Americana theme with glow sticks, pinwheels, and a lot of flags.”

6. Home cooked or fully catered?

“Home cooked. We had barbecued meats.”

7. Tasted everything or preferred nursing?

“Tasted everything. She loves boldly flavored foods, so she loved the chicken and roasted veggies.”

8. Adult drinks or juice boxes for everyone?

“We had both—a load of milk in the fridge for the kids, and soda, wine, and beer for the adults.”

9. VIP guest list or invited everyone?

“VIP guest list. It was more manageable.”

10. Greeted guests or ran for cover?

“She was friendly with the babies but unsure around adults.”

11. Best dressed or ruined the outfit?

“Ruined quite a few outfits. She had on a really cute dress that got decimated by frosting. Her next outfit went with her into the pool. So she started out best dressed, and it devolved from there.”

12. Blew out candles or didn’t bother?

“She didn’t bother. She didn’t know how.”

13. Posted pictures or kept them private?

“Posted pictures. My family is from all over, and we wanted people who couldn’t attend to see them.”

14. Walked great or was still crawling?

“Walked great.”

15. Understood the event or was totally clueless?

“Totally clueless, and a little shocked and overwhelmed.”

16. Loved the singing or really hated it?

“Liked it. We do a lot of singing in our house, and she typically dances or screams along with it.”

17. Gift-free or piles of presents?

“We asked for gift-free and got a pile of presents.”

18. Grabbed the presents or waited patiently?

“Grabbed the presents and then sat in the wrapping paper like it was a pile of fall leaves.”

19. Preferred the toys or preferred stuffed animals?

“Stuffed animals. A friend gave her a giant penguin and now they’re inseparable. She plays with it and sleeps with it. She also loves the Radio Flyer push tricycle that we gave her.”

20. Thrown together or planned carefully?

“Planned for months actually!”

21. Party favors for all or just thanks for coming?

“Party favors for the children—a little beach ball, bubbles, an American flag bracelet, coloring books, and crayons.”