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6 Fun Ways to Get Baby Ready for Travel

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Try these tips for toting your tot with you.
With so many sights to see, lessons to learn, and locations to explore, travel is great for babies. Here’s how to “plan” your trip together!

1. Preview the “how and how-tos” of your journey.
Next time you and your cutie are out and about, point out all the different modes of transportation you see. Is that a bicycle on the side of the road? What color is that school bus? Look how fast that plane in the sky is zooming by us!


2. Give him a heads-up before your trip. Prepare your baby by looking at (and commenting on) photos of all the amazing sights he’ll see on your journey. Will you be going to a big city with tall skyscrapers and lots of people? Or to the beach, where your little one will see and feel the surf and sand? Talking about the trip before you leave serves two purposes: it will trigger excitement and help baby feel more comfortable when you arrive.


3. Take her favorite things along. A few familiar items will help soothe your little traveler on the road, on a train, in the air, and once you get there. Your child will be thrilled to have a few favorite books to look at and toys to play with. Pack a pint-sized backpack, too, and stuff some of her clothes and little knick-knacks inside.


4. Share the details of your adventure. A surefire way to teach kids about going here and there is to read books about the location. The Good Night books feature kid-friendly city, state, and country highlights about hundreds of cool places around the world. See if you can find a book that’s helpful.

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5. Navigate your way on paper. While your cutie is too young to tap into his inner Magellan, poring over maps can be lots of fun when you do it together. Put a big star sticker on your town or state and another one on your destination. Explain how far away your hotel (or Grandma’s house) is, and how long it will take to get there. (You can try the old “two sleeps,” “two breakfasts,” or “one dinner.”) Find printable brightly colored state maps online and map out your journey. If you can find a puzzle of the 50 states, give baby his first geography lesson and let him tune his fine motor skills at the same time.


6. Give her a taste for fun. Too many new things all at once can be overwhelming. So start acclimating her taste buds before you leave by serving baby-friendly versions of food you are likely to find at your destination. Heading south of the border? Try a simple quesadilla. Bound for France? Offer her pieces of a croissant for breakfast.

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