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Inside High Five October 2018

What’s So Silly in October’s That’s Silly!™?

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This walk in the park will leave your kid rolling with laughter.
Inside High Five October 2018: That's Silly

Here’s a smart way to entertain your youngster: Enjoy the latest That’s Silly! feature together. Your child will find plenty of funny stuff to keep her giggling—and you can take learning to another level later with the uber-creative, do-anywhere ideas that follow. You can find That’s Silly! on pages 18–19 of the October 2018 issue of High Five. Here, five sure ways to stoke your child’s math and verbal abilities and power-up his logical reasoning skills.

1. Challenge your little style star to point to each of the following play-ready, park-worthy shirts, pants, and more. (There are 10 items on this list. Locate all of them.)
  • Three yellow shirts
  • A pair of light gray pants
  • Three pink shirts
  • Two purple shirts
  • Three orange shirts
  • An orange dress
  • A red and white hat
  • A blue and white hat
  • Purple striped pants
  • A white vest
2. Ask your fresh-air kid to show you pictures of the following nine action words and preschool vocabulary crushers.
  • Five ducks paddling
  • A boy crouching
  • A child jumping
  • A woman walking
  • A man cycling
  • A teacher smiling
  • A kid snorkeling
  • A student writing
  • A girl pointing
3. Encourage your mini orator to show you images that correspond to these nine new-to-her vocab words in That’s Silly!
  • Gopher
  • Snorkel
  • Propeller
  • Unicycle
  • Binoculars
  • Elf
  • Palm tree
  • Tulip
  • Footpath
4. Help your budding jurist separate fact from fiction. Ask your child to answer this list of nine yes or no questions.

In real life, do:

  • Birds wear clothes?
  • Children snorkel?
  • Trolls read books?
  • Men ride unicycles?
  • Squirrels hang glide?
  • People cross bridges?
  • Flowers sip coffee?
  • Kids carry backpacks?
  • Elves pick flowers?
5. Tally everything and anything. Together, count the number of each of the next nine items. (There are lots of boys and girls—and people in general—in in the pictures, so this question may be challenging for very young readers.)
  • People wearing hats
  • Frogs
  • Trees wearing sweaters
  • Pairs of eyeglasses
  • People sitting
  • People walking
  • Big ducks
  • Little ducks
  • Ducks all together