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Why Little Kids Love Our Very Silly Feature “That’s Silly!™ (HINT: IT’S SIMPLY THE BEST PICTURE SEARCH AROUND)

Highlights 4Cs

Curious, Creative, Caring, and Confident™
The light bulb icon represents curiosity. For content about raising a curious child, look for this icon.
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Treat your preschool child to this brain-boosting activity: the super-fun, super-silly picture search on pages 18 to 19 in the September issue of High Five™, our preschool magazine..
Share a giggle with your child as you help him search for the weird, wacky, and totally out-of-place images our artist created.

What to spot this month? Start with a daddy ox (and his daughter) shopping for veggies, a family having a picnic on the grocery-store floor, and a girl with a ruler behind her ear! To get even more out of That’s Silly!, check out the prompts and tips below.

Extend the Activity

1. Ask your child

  • What is the silliest thing you can find in this picture?
  • Can you find something in this picture that you would like to buy?
  • What would you buy to feed our family something healthy? How about if you could buy anything you want?

2. Add some math

  • How many shoppers are in the picture?
  • How many are shopping alone?
  • Count the animals in the picture. How many did you find?
  • Which items are round? Which ones are square?
  • Can you find five look-alike items together? Four? Three?
  • How many pencils do you see? Red cans? Jars of crayons?

3. Explore colors

  • Name as many colors as you can in this picture
  • Pick a color and point to all the items in that same color, even if the objects are different.
  • Try it again with another color.
  • Can you find things that are partly one color, and partly another? Do you see a tree, a backpack, packs of paper all wrapped up, and paintbrushes?

4. Help boost vocabulary

  • Can you find the following items: galoshes, a chandelier, croissants, and a cashier? 
  • Now, can you find these items: a rider on top of a donkey, a ruler behind an ear, a mom next to her child, orange juice cartons under some cookies, and carrots in front of tomatoes?
  • Make up a story about one character in this picture. What’s his or her name? What is he or she buying? What will he or she do with the items after leaving the store?

5. More activities to share

  • Help your child draw (or set up) his own silly grocery store. Use real—or pretend items. Ask what else he would like to sell.
  • Take your child grocery shopping. Create a list and then ask her to find: something yellow, something else that comes in packs of six (juice or cereal boxes), or four different kinds fruits and/or veggies (a melon, an orange, lettuce, corn).
  • Let your child cross off items on your list as find them. This will help her connect words in print to the objects in the store.