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Inside Highlights June 2018 Ask Arizona®

Arizona and the Goof-Proof Father’s Day Gift

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Turns out that kids may already have all they need to choose the perfect present for Dad.
Ask Arizona June 2018
It’s a simple fact of life that finding the best-ever Father’s Day gift can stump even the most accomplished gift givers.

So it’s no wonder kids have a tough time coming up with gift ideas, and why letter writer Looking in Littleton needed a few suggestions—with Father’s Day just weeks away and no clear idea what would make Dad happy.

Although Arizona does give Looking in Littleton a hand-picked list of good suggestions, she advises her reader to start the search by narrowing down Dad’s favorite activities and interests, pick one, and put a personal spin on it, as Arizona did when she wrote her own Sherlock Holmes-like mystery for her dad for Father’s Day. (Her dad loves Sherlock Holmes mysteries.)

To see how Arizona came up with her idea, check out  Ask Arizona on pages 40–41 of the June 2018 issue. Then head to the questions below to spark a meaningful conversation with your child—and boost his reading comprehension.

Conversation Starters:

  • Describe a time you had trouble figuring out a gift to give someone special.
  • What part of the process did you find difficult?
  • Did you have too much information to make a decision—or not enough?
  • What did you finally decide to do, and how did you come to your decision? 
  • Do you enjoy giving homemade gifts, store-bought gifts, or both?
  • Describe the best homemade gift you ever received—and the best one you gave someone.
  • What made those gifts so special?

Reading Comprehension Boosters:

  • What do Arizona, her mom, and her siblings do for her dad each year on Father’s Day?
  • What do you think Arizona meant when she referred to her dad and said, “I doubt he’s surprised at all!”
  • When Arizona asked her friends for gift ideas, why did her friend Isabel start talking about a picture book?
  • Besides her pool friends, who gave Arizona some ideas?
  • What kind of books does Arizona’s dad like the most? How did Arizona use that information to create a Father’s Day gift for him?
  • Why does Arizona name the characters in her story “Furrlock Holmes” and “Dr. Catson”?
  • What was the reason she called her story “The Case of the Missing Money”?