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This month, kids learn mistakes happen (we’re only human), feeling embarrassed is totally normal, and a great way to ignore teasers.
Ask Arizona September 2017

When a letter writer reports feeling utterly embarrassed after a dive into a pool turns into a humiliating belly flop, Arizona reveals her own what-did-I-just-do moment after working hard to perfect her act for a local talent show. Read the whole story on pages 40–41 of the September 2017 issue, or check out the recap here. Then use the questions that follow to exchange ideas with your child and help enhance his reading comprehension.

Recap: In a letter to Arizona, Embarrassed in Evanston says she is beyond mortified by her awkward dive into a neighborhood pool and she now wonders if she can overcome the incident.

A sympathetic Arizona reassures the girl she will survive the moment—but also says Embarrassed in Evanston might be teased as word travels. Arizona suggests a super-smart way to minimize ribbing and snarky comments, and advises her to go back to the pool, laugh off the teasing, and enjoy the water.

Conversation Starters:
  • When was the last time you felt embarrassed, say, at school or over the summer? What happened?
  • Did your face turn red? Did your heart pound harder?
  • Did kids tease you afterward? What did they say?
  • Did these comments make you feel worse, or were you able to laugh about them?
  • What would you say to friend after a mess-up? What could you do to help your friend feel better?
Reading Comprehension Boosters:
  • Why did Arizona’s family arrange a talent show?
  • What did Arizona’s friend Mareya do to help Arizona prepare for the performance?
  • Why did Mareya cancel her part of the performance at the last minute?
  • List at least three types of performers who signed up for the talent show.
  • Who do you think is a more talented musician—Mareya or Arizona? What clues in the text make you think so?
  • What did Ollie and Indi say to cheer Arizona up after her performance?
  • What advice did Arizona give Embarrassed to help her feel less self-conscious about her belly-flop incident?