9 Books for Women's History Month

Celebrate by reading about these groundbreaking women in history!

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March is Women's History Month! Celebrate the amazing contributions of women and introduce your kids to some of the groundbreaking historical figures in these books.
Women's History Month Book Recommendations for Kids


1. Queen of the Track

Written by: Heather Binks Lang

Illustrated by: Floyd Cooper

Ages 5+

This inspirational nonfiction book by Heather Lang is a story of perseverance and unwavering ambition that follows Alice Coachman on her journey from rural Georgia, where she overcame adversity both as a woman and as a black athlete, to her triumph in Wembley Stadium. With her strong determination and innate athletic talent, Alice raced her way to the top of the track and field world and, leaping over all hurdles in her path, went on to become the first African American woman to take home the gold medal.

2. Fearless Flyer

Written by: Heather Lang

Illustrated by: Raúl Colón

Ages 5 to 8

Ruth Law thrilled spectators in the 1900s by performing the loop-the-loop and other daredevil tricks in her flying machine. But after years of flying in circles, Ruth was determined to do what no pilot had ever done: fly nonstop from Chicago to New York City in one day. On a windy November morning, she took off on a flight that experts said was doomed to fail—but they didn’t know Ruth Law.


3. A Lady Has the Floor

Written by: Kate Hannigan

Illustrated by: Alison Jay

Ages 7 to 10 

Belva Lockwood was bold, determined, and strong! This well-researched and strikingly illustrated nonfiction picture-book biography explores the remarkable life of this little-known but powerful American activist.

4. Born to Swing

Written by: Mara Rockliff

Illustrated by: Michele Wood

Ages 7 to 10

“I was born to swing, and that’s the truth.” The story, rhythms, and passions of Lil Hardin Armstrong—legendary jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, and female pioneer on the music stage—are captured in this first-person picture-book biography.

5. Dorothea's Eyes

Written by: Barb Rosenstock

Illustrated by: Gérard DuBois

Ages 8 to 12

From the time she was a little girl, Dorothea Lange saw the world with her eyes and her heart. She knew, before she ever held a camera, that she was born to be a photographer, despite the fact that girls weren’t supposed to have that type of job and that polio made it difficult for her to walk. Dorothea used her photographs to tell the stories of the people the world ignored—the homeless, the jobless, the poor. This powerful biography tells the story of Lange’s evolution as one of the founders of documentary photography, and includes a gallery of Lange’s photographs.


6. Babe Conquers the World: The Legendary Life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Written by: Rich Wallace and Sandra Neil Wallace

Ages 9 to 13

Babe Didrikson Zaharias had one driving goal: to become the greatest athlete who ever lived. And she made good on that promise with a meteoric rise to famed basketball player, Olympic medalist, and top female golfer. But there was more to Babe than just sports. This action-packed story of a woman ESPN ranks as #10 of the top North American athletes of the twentieth century also includes personal and professional photographs.

7. Girl with a Camera

Written by: Carolyn Meyer

Ages 10+

In this historical novel, noted writer Carolyn Meyer deftly captures the daring and passionate life of photographer Margaret Bourke-White. Totally dedicated to her work, and driven by her ambition to succeed, Margaret Bourke-White became a well-known and sought-after photographer, traveling all over the United States and Europe. She was the first female war photojournalist in World War II and the first female photographer for Life magazine, which featured one of her photographs on its very first cover.

8. Girl with Brush and Canvas

Written by: Carolyn Meyer

Ages 10+

The life of artist Georgia O'Keeffe is revealed in this biographical novel—from her childhood when she decided to be an artist, through her art education in Chicago and New York, to her eventual rise to fame in the American Southwest. Georgia never gave up her dream, no matter what obstacles she encountered—she knew she was meant to be an artist.

9. Alice Paul and the Fight for Women's Rights

Written by: Deborah Kops

Ages 11+

Here is the story of extraordinary leader Alice Paul, from the women's suffrage movement—the long struggle for votes for women—to the “second wave,” when women demanded full equality with men. Alice made a significant impact on both and she reignited the sleepy suffrage moment with dramatic demonstrations and provocative banners.