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Liven up lunchtime with this easy to make butterfly snack bag. And with a little paint and different snacks, you can make an assortment of colorful butterflies. Coordinate the snack bags to school colors or the colors of your kid’s favorite team.
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Butterfly Snack Bag

There's nothing sweeter than a receiving a heartfelt, handmade gift from your kiddos, right? This Father's Day, have your kids surprise Dad with one of these awesome DIY presents that are sure to say "I love you!"
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Handmade Father's Day Gifts

These cute and crafty cards are perfect for the Dad (or Grandpa!) who is master of the golf course, the barbecue, or the lawn.
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DIY Father’s Day Cards

These clever crafts are a heartfelt way for your kids to say “thank you” to their teachers.
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Homemade Teachers’ Gifts

31 Kids Crafts
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Wacky, Wild, & Wonderful Crafts

Hidden treasure? An ancient map where X marks the spot? Time for a great adventure! Play up the drama and encourage your kids to make up stories as they make their crafts.
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DIY Treasure Chest

Even before your garden has bloomed, kids can celebrate spring with bunches of these bright bouquets. Encourage them to experiment with different combinations of colors.
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Coffee Filter Flowers

Gather Around the Campfire
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Make-Believe Campfire

Holiday Cookie Place Setting
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Unforgettable Edible Favors

Celebrate Independence Day with these fun and safe DIY confetti poppers.
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July 4th Confetti Poppers

Tie Rack for Father's Day
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Tie Rack for Dad

Rainbow Bouquet
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Magic Morphing Flowers

Paper Plate Crafts
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Paper-Plate Crafts

Easy Mushroom Craft
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Adorable Mushroom Art

Bathtub Town
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Craft Foam City Scape