Family Activities

Fun ideas on ways to celebrate the seasons and simply spend time together as a family, both indoors and outdoors.

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learn to whistle
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Learn to Whistle

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Build a Blanket Fort

How to make frozen soap bubbles
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Nice and Icy Bubbles

7 Calming Back-to-School Yoga Poses
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7 Yoga Poses

Turn Friday-night games into a fun-filled way to practice math with a deck or two of cards and a couple of willing players.
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Genius Ways to Have Fun with Math

Best in Snow
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Create the Best Snowman Ever

Who wouldn’t want to swirl their fingers in some shaving cream? This simple, easy-to-assemble activity is just right for little hands and perfect for playtime.
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Shaving Cream Play

Salt Crystals Experiment
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Grow Salt Crystals

Laundry Basket Theater
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Random Improv Dress Up Play

Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Activities
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13 Ways to Ring in the New Year

play food pranks
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Play Food Pranks

bike parade
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Organize a Bike Parade

Swirling Colors
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Dish Soap Science

3 No-Fail Look-and-Learn Scavenger Hunts for Pint-Sized Explorers
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Look-and-Learn Scavenger Hunts