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Host the Best Kids’ Football Party Ever!

24 Sure-to-Please Activities

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High-impact fun to take big-kid fans to the finish—or get little ones to the halftime show. .
24 Activities for the Best Kids’ Football Party Ever!

Help your kid host a legendary event where fun is first on the agenda. Here’s a game plan to follow.

Get the Ball Rolling

1. Greet guests in eye black. Apply generously to the top of your cheekbones to look fierce—or determined.

2. Pledge allegiance to a team. Paint the kids’ faces in game-day colors.

3. Encourage revelers to wear helmets and jerseys. They can borrow gear, or simply come dressed in their favorite team’s colors.

4. Spritz on game-inspired colored hairspray. Spike it every which way. Wash it out before bedtime.

5. Play outdoor football. At least until game time.

6. Or use a foam football and play indoor catch.

Mix It Up Before Kickoff

7. Get the crowd psyched with pregame stretching.

8. Hold a throwing contest. Toss balled up socks at a sweet spot on a wall or into a laundry basket.

9. Support the quarterbacks. Organize male and female cheering squads.

10. Choreograph end zone maneuvers to celebrate touchdowns.

11. Hold a Talk Like a Ref  diversion. Create signals for “more nachos,” “commercial break,” “refill, please,” and other game-related shenanigans.

12. Put on a halftime show. Include everyone—no talent required.

13. Or hold a kids-only hip-hop moment. Award extra Buffalo wings for the best moves.

14. Cast—and video—a winning commercial. Use guests as actors. Post online the day after, if everyone’s willing.

15. Whip up a few fill-in-the-blank football stories. Complete and read if things get dull.

16. Play football trivia. If adults are present, try it Family Feud-style.

17. Make game-inspired T-shirts. Supply fabric paint and drop cloths. Clean up later.

19. Play spin-the-football. After every penalty, give it a whirl. (But stick with high-fives for this event!)

Head into the End Zone

20. Map out “passing routes” with painter’s tape. Make a path from the door to the family room, the couch to the bathroom, the TV to the kitchen. Run a route at every time-out.

21. Arrange the food table in gridiron formation. “The line” is snacks and main dishes. “The backfield” is cups and condiments.

22. Organize a cupcake scrimmage. Let kids frost Xs and Os on cupcakes and then create trick plays by moving cupcakes strategically around table.

23. Watch commercials, vote, and proclaim the winner.

24. Play charades, the touchdown version. Act out player names, team mascots, football sayings, and team and host cities. 

25. Award dollar-store trophies to the guest or guests who can name last year’s MVP—or can predict the MPV this year.