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Highlights @ Home: Dance

Just Keep Dancing

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Are you feeling like you’re in a bit of a slump—the Coronavirus Slump? A lot of us are. Maybe you’re experiencing a dip in that optimistic, we’ll-get-through-this-together attitude, which would be both understandable and forgivable. Or perhaps it’s a physical slump from sitting on the couch or at your desk too long. Well, we have some helpful ideas to improve the entire family’s mood in this new installment of Highlights@Home. We’re calling it “Just Keep Dancing.” What raises our spirits more or gives us a burst of energy like music and dance? Of course, you can just turn on music, sing, and dance with your kids any time and often, and we hope you do. But sometimes, ordinary practices can be made a little more special when we put a simple, tiny twist on them. After your kids take the silly quiz asking, “What kind of song are you?” invite them to not only make up a dance in that genre, but also sing a song. Encourage your kids to invent some new dance moves based on their answers to the question, “Do you think animals can dance?” There are so many ways you can go with these ideas, without adding much to your to-do list. And each one will help your kids move their bodies, use their creativity, and improve their mood.
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1. Just Keep Dancing

Watch this video for tips on getting the whole family moving.

 2. Solve a Puzzle

Sing a song as you try this Hidden Pictures puzzle. Then put together your own family band—unusual instruments and funny dance steps welcome!

 3. Read a Poem

Let nature teach your kids some dance moves! Read this poem, then see if your kids can imitate each move.

4. Take a Fun Quiz

Find out what kind of song each of you are, then make up dances to go with them!

5. Make Woodsy Wind Chimes

Have your kids make these colorful wind chimes, then move to their music.

 6. Do Something for Others

Share some joy. Have your kids try one or both of these ideas or come up with a few of their own.

 7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to pick one or both of these prompts to answer. Then record, document, or save his creative work.

8. Share With Us

Do your kids have a favorite dance or way to move? We want to know about it! Send your kids' dance-related poems, stories, photos, or artwork to us. We'd love to see them at HighlightsKids.com!