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Highlights @ Home: Libraries

Celebrate Reading, Celebrate Libraries

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Do you know what the tallest building in the world is? It’s the library, of course, because it has the most stories! Well, here at Highlights we have a lot of stories. And a lot of jokes, too. And we’re delighted to share both our jokes and stories—and so much more—in each new installment of Highlights@Home, our twice-weekly collection of resources to help you make the most of this time at home with your kids. By now, it probably feels like week "whatever" in quarantine, and that doesn’t sound like much fun. But lucky us: it’s also National Library Week, and we can definitely have some fun with that. This bundle of library-themed resources is, in part, a grateful nod to our friends, the librarians. But primarily, it’s a reminder that you don’t have to create a new, elaborate plan each day to keep your kids happily engaged. The simple act of reading or listening to stories is one of the best things we can do to keep our kids’ imaginations soaring and their minds stimulated. So, let’s use National Library Week as a catalyst to celebrate the simple, amazing pastime of reading! Reading can transport us somewhere else for a while, even when we’re stuck at home. It’s a great way for everyone to relax, which isn’t all that easy to do in these days of COVID-19.
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1. Celebrate Reading, Celebrate Libraries

Watch this video for ideas from our editor in chief on how to add extra fun to reading!Christine French Cully

2. Solve a Puzzle

The Dewey Decimal System won’t be much help in finding these hidden objects, but your kids' super sleuthing sure will! After solving the puzzle, ask them to name three things they love about the library.

 3. Read a Story

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes. In this story, Mateo makes a contact-free library for the kids in his neighborhood.


 4. Play Classic Family Games

Libraries have more than just books! Some libraries offer board games, musical instruments, tools, and more. Together with your kids, make your own “Library of Things” at home, starting with dominoes, jacks, and other items needed to play these ridiculously fun, old-school games.


 5. Make Baobab Tree Bookends

Every library needs somewhere to store the books. Your kids can make these creative bookends to keep your home library—or their desks—organized.


 6. Do Something for Others

Reading together is a great way to connect, even when you’re far apart. Try these ideas or come up with your own.


 7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to pick one or both of these prompts. Then record, document, or save his creative work. Can’t get enough? Here are even more reading-inspired questions for your bookworm. 


What are your kids reading these days? Have your kids send us a photo of them reading their fave of the moment, a drawing of a book cover they created, or a poem about their favorite book character. We’d love to see them on HighlightsKids.com!