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Staying Connected

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First things first—give yourself a well deserved pat on the back! Most of us are reaching the end of our sixth week of staying safer at home. It hasn’t always been easy and maybe it wasn’t all pretty, but we know you’ve created some warm “quarantine memories” with your kids. No matter how many games and activities you plan, though, your children are likely feeling the loss of connection with friends and extended family. To help ease their disappointment, we’re calling this new collection of free resources “Staying Connected”—and it’s full of ways you can help your kids feel more connected to people they love but can’t safely see right now. These "Fun with a Purpose" activities will keep your children thinking and practicing reading, writing, and math. But there’s an added bonus: the acts of reaching out to others will also help your child’s social-emotional development. As you and your children engage in these activities, you’ll have a chance to help them see that Grandma and Grandpa miss them as much as they miss their grandparents. As they draw pictures and make cards with messages of thanks and gratitude to the helpers, your kids will feel more connected to the broader world. Even these small, thoughtful acts are good ways to practice empathy. Redirecting our children’s thoughts away from their own disappointments by encouraging them to reach out and think about others helps them cope and keep a healthy perspective.
1. Staying Connected

Watch this video for ideas on how to help keep your kids connected to others.


2. Solve a Puzzle

Even whales love mail! "Sea” if you can find all the hidden objects in this puzzle.

 3. Read a Story

Read a funny story about a well-meaning letter gone awry, as Miss Hiss’s note to Little Peep causes confusion.


  4. Play Classic Family Games

Check out these classic family games that can be played anywhere—even over a phone call or video chat!


 5. Make Colorful Sidewalk Paint

Make this paint with your kids. Then they can use it to create friendly drawings or write hopeful messages to neighbors in your driveway.

 6. Do Something for Others

Your friends and family miss your kids as much as they miss them! Reach out in kindness with one of these ideas. Or for an easy way to reach out, go here for cheerful cards to print and color.


 7. Write, Draw, or Talk About It

Invite your child to pick one or both of these prompts to answer. Then record, document, or save her creative work.


8. Share With Us

How are your kids feeling about being at home? Truman from California sent us his drawing and poem, below. Send us your kids' poems, stories, artwork, or photos that show how they're dealing with staying safer at home. We'd love to see them on HighlightsKids.com!