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Inside High Five August 2017

Turn to the seriously silly pictures in That’s Silly!™ for a laugh

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The light bulb icon represents curiosity. For content about raising a curious child, look for this icon.
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Share a giggle with your child—or turn a frown upside down—with the That’s Silly! pictures on pages 18 and 19 in the August issue of High Five!
That's Silly August 2017

All year long High Five stories promote learning and curiosity in preschool children—and the summer months are no exception. See how many unexpected twists, turns, and visual jokes you and your little Sherlock Holmes can find in this month’s feature about all the fun things to do while camping. We promise: you’ll have a blast! But don’t stop there. Extend the fun with these activities.

1. Ask your child
  • What belongings would you take if you went camping?
  • What items would you leave at home—and why?
  • What provides light in these two pictures. (Point to these items and help name them: fire, moon, lantern, flashlight, headlights, string of porch lights.
  • What do you like to eat at a cookout—and do you see any of your favorites in this picture?
  • If you could sleep under the stars at night, what would you sleep in (a tent, a sleeping bag, a hammock) and why?
2. Add some math
  • Count: one tuba, one cow, and one Christmas tree.
  • Find: two drinks with straws, two marshmallows on a stick, two shoes, and two crowns.
  • Look for: three snowmen, three children in sleeping bags, lights on a string on the porch.
3. Add a math challenge and ask
  • How many wheels are on a tricycle?
  • How many wheels does this tricycle have? Where do you think the other wheel is?
  • How many people are in this picture? (Count the figures together and see how close she was.)
4. Talk about feelings
  • Encourage your child to chat about whether he would be excited, scared, or a little of both to go camping.
  • Find out what would make him feel safe.
  • Invite him to point out the people who look happy in the picture. Ask what they are doing.
  • Ask which of these activities he enjoys with family members and friends.
5. Help boost her vocabulary

See if she can find:

  • A lantern
  • A fishing pole
  • A grill
  • A bonfire
6. More activities to share
  • Write, draw, and doodle together on a piece of paper. Add the title “Our Camping Adventure by…” and help him sign his name.
  • “Camp” indoors or outdoors during the day or for a partial or entire evening. Make a fun snack.