Highlights surveyed 2,000 children across the country, ages six to twelve, between March 31 and June 8,  2018, in partnership with C+R Research, a leading market-research firm with expertise in youth and families. Fifty percent of respondents were boys and 50 percent were girls. Thirty-eight percent were children ages six to eight; 31 percent were ages nine to ten, and 31 percent were ages eleven to twelve. The mostly open-ended survey was taken online, both at home and in the classroom. Gender and age of children were matched to U.S. Census statistics to ensure that results are from a representative sample of children. C+R provided analysis of all data collected.

Thought Leaders

Christine French Cully, Highlights Editor in Chief

Christine French Cully is the editor in chief of Highlights for Children, Inc., where she leads the Highlights mission to elevate the voice of children and encourage fellow parents and adults to commit to helping kids grow to become their best selves. She helps ensure every child’s letter that comes through the Highlights door and email inbox is read and responded to, penning many letters herself—because every child’s voice matters.

Cully is responsible for shaping the editorial direction of all the products the company develops—its magazines, books, and digital products. She plays a strategic, ongoing role in the development of the Highlights vision and brand across all markets and channels around the globe. She is only the fourth editor in chief who has led the company during its 72-year history. 

Jennifer Miller, M.Ed., Confident Parents, Confident Kids

Jennifer Miller, M.Ed., has a master’s degree in education and twenty years of experience focused on children’s social and emotional learning.

Author of the site Confident Parents, Confident Kids, Miller is a regular expert contributor to NBC Education Nation’s Parent Toolkit and has contributed articles or interviews to popular publications such as the Washington Post, Parents magazine, the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Deseret National News, and NYMetroParents magazines as well as educator-targeted publications and sites such as Smart Parents, part of Thomas Vander Ark’s Getting Smart series; Ashoka Changemaker series; Edutopia; Responsive Classroom; and the Community Psychologist (American Psychological Association). 

Her research on parenting and social and emotional learning has been accepted for publication through a scientific peer review for the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of the School Community Journal.

About Us

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Highlights is the beloved global media brand dedicated to helping children become curious, creative, caring, and confident™ through engaging content and experiences that are focused on nurturing and developing the whole child. Through stories, poems, puzzles, jokes/riddles, science experiments, art activities, and more, kids are encouraged to think, problem solve, and build their literacy skills, all while having fun. Highlights reaches children ages 0–12 with their most popular magazines (Highlights Hello, Highlights High Five, Highlights High Five Bilingüe [English/Spanish], and Highlights), digital apps, books, toys/games, and podcast all incorporating classic favorites like Hidden Pictures® puzzles, Goofus and Gallant®, Dear Highlights letters, and more. Because Highlights offerings may be print or digital, purchased through subscriptions or retail, kids can engage with Highlights anytime, anywhere.

C+R Research

C+R Research is a full-service marketing-insights agency that brings more than 30 years of experience in the youth segment, with two syndicated youth lifestyle reports (YouthBeat and YouthBeat Jr.). Within the youth and family space, C+R specializes in delivering custom quantitative and qualitative research to help youth-targeted companies better understand the needs and motivations of kids and parents. The company is based in Chicago.

Special thanks to the kids who sat down to write to Highlights about their lives.