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Hidden Pictures™ Puzzles App

Ages 6+

Classic Hidden Pictures fun for the whole family

New & Improved - Download Free!

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Timeless, Classic Fun — and Still the Best!

Building on more than 70 years of puzzling experience, Highlights for Children brings its world-famous Hidden Pictures puzzles to life with digital fun the whole family can enjoy! 

How many objects can you find in these interactive puzzles? The faster you find them, the more stars you’ll earn. Collect enough stars, and you’ll unlock exclusive challenges, including new ways to play Hidden Pictures puzzles!

What Kids Will Love 

We provide engaging games for kids, with the fun they crave, and the quality you’ve come to expect. Puzzle after puzzle, your child will be excited by the challenges, motivated by the rewards and inspired by the joy of success.

Download Hidden Pictures Puzzles App and try FREE to get: 

  • 45+ puzzles INSTANTLY, plus NEW puzzles every week!
  • Access to themed puzzle worlds and silly characters that offer tips and fun facts
  • Exclusive puzzle challenges, including NEW Hidden Pictures Puzzle Races
  • Fresh, themed content at special times of the year, like Halloween and Winter
  • A secure, ad-free experience

What Parents Will Love

Grown-ups tell us they love Hidden Pictures games as much as their kids do. This app is the perfect way to relax or take a break with engaging, gratifying, brain-boosting fun.

Even better, when your kids play the Hidden Pictures Puzzles app, they'll get practice in skills like:

  • Attention to detail
  • Concentration
  • Vocabulary
  • Persistence
  • Figure/ground perception
  • Object constancy 

So, enjoy wholesome, skill-building, find-it fun for the whole family today!

253 Reviews
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by dbiegles
Where are the puzzles?
So, you charge people to play the game, only give them a limited amount of puzzles, and then make them wait a week for only a few more games? If you are paying, you should get the puzzles without waiting. Making players wait for more puzzles is ridiculous. Understandable if it’s free, but it’s not. If I don’t get a decent amount of puzzles in... Read More2 days or am made to wait again, I will be getting rid of this app.
by Chnglamz
WARNING Do NOT waste your money!!!!
I wish I could give this app 0 stars. You make your customers pay 4.99 PER MONTH but only give 6 puzzles per week. This is a total waste of an app and money. You should be condemned for treating you customers like scum. I will NOT be subscribing after this month.
by Ebnbs
by Allison Lindrum
The game was uninstalled in January and I was told we'd be charged for the rest of the month. However, we were charged for two additional months without the game being installed. The first month we wrote asking for a refund. Nothing came. Now for the second month we have to dispute with the bank. Absolute crooks!!!
by Fingernail Clippings
The game looked very fun and I probably would of played it a lot. But when you’re so money hungry that you ask for credit card info before the main menu even arrives, I’m not sold. Charging for a child’s game ? Ridiculous



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