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Hidden Pictures® App

Ages 6+

Hidden Pictures puzzle fun — anytime, anywhere

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Timeless, Classic Fun — and Still the Best!

Backed by 70 years of Highlights experience, our Hidden Pictures App is packed with colorful, fun, interactive hidden-object puzzles that kids love. When players tap on a found object, watch what happens! Kids will be delighted with each item they discover.

You’ll love that they’re building new skills and confidence while they earn badges for their accomplishments. There’s nothing better than hearing your child say “I did it!” And, as their finding skills grow, kids can choose different game modes to increase the challenge. 

With puzzle scenes from ocean landscapes to animal antics, there’s something for everyone. Plus, Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles are great for quiet time or sharing with friends.

What Kids Will Love 

We provide the engaging screen time that kids crave, with the quality you’ve come to expect. Puzzle after puzzle, your child will be excited by the challenges, motivated by the rewards and inspired by the joy of success.

Try Hidden Pictures App now so your kids can have: 

  • 45+ puzzles INSTANTLY, plus 6 new puzzles every week!
  • 3 game modes so they can play the way they like
  • Fresh, themed content at special times of the year, like Halloween and Winter
  • An ever-growing library that will add up to hundreds of puzzles over time 

What Parents Will Love

The Highlights editors are experts at delivering Fun with a Purpose™. That means Hidden Pictures games reinforce the skills needed to succeed in the years ahead, but the kids just know it’s fun. Our apps offer quality screen time that engages kids to keep playing and learning. Share wholesome, skill-building fun with your kids today!

Hidden Pictures App will help boost skills like:

  • Attention to detail
  • Concentration
  • Vocabulary
  • Persistence
  • Figure/ground perception
  • Object constancy

Available on iOS and Android devices

334 Reviews
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by Customer63341
How to turn off automatic billing
Hidden under "App Support" is a link to the following FAQ: 4. How do I turn off automatic renewal? Your subscription is managed through your app store account and must be accessed through your device. To turn off automatic renewal, go to the iTunes or Google Play settings and locate “Subscriptions.” For Apple users, go to: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID (at the top) > View Apple ID... Read More> Enter your password when prompted and tap on OK > Manage under Subscriptions > Select Highlights Every Day app > Turn the Auto-Renewal option to “Off”
by TubbyKellita
Highlights Hidden Pictures
I love this game! My only complaint is there are not enough! There should be at least 2 dozen more added each week or more if we are going to be charged. The few added puzzles a week I go through in less than 30 minutes.
by BBL1145
Hint Button doesn't always work
I love this app, but the hint button doesn't always work.
by BestGrannyof6
Fun but
I've come to the end and there's no more puzzles. I kept getting a pop up that say to continue download the latest build from App Store. I've tried and I can't figure out what the new download is that the pop up is saying. I hope you can help me figure it out.
by Rosemarie 2
Great for you
This makes your eyes work as well as your eyes. Perfect for all ages.



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