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Hidden Pictures™ Puzzles App

Ages 6+

Classic Hidden Pictures fun for the whole family

New & Improved - Download Free!

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Timeless, Classic Fun — and Still the Best!

Building on more than 70 years of puzzling experience, Highlights for Children brings its world-famous Hidden Pictures puzzles to life with digital fun the whole family can enjoy! 

How many objects can you find in these interactive puzzles? The faster you find them, the more stars you’ll earn. Collect enough stars, and you’ll unlock exclusive challenges, including new ways to play Hidden Pictures puzzles!

What Kids Will Love 

We provide engaging games for kids, with the fun they crave, and the quality you’ve come to expect. Puzzle after puzzle, your child will be excited by the challenges, motivated by the rewards and inspired by the joy of success.

Download Hidden Pictures Puzzles App and try FREE to get: 

  • 45+ puzzles INSTANTLY, plus NEW puzzles every week!
  • Access to themed puzzle worlds and silly characters that offer tips and fun facts
  • Exclusive puzzle challenges, including NEW Hidden Pictures Puzzle Races
  • Fresh, themed content at special times of the year, like Halloween and Winter
  • A secure, ad-free experience

What Parents Will Love

Grown-ups tell us they love Hidden Pictures games as much as their kids do. This app is the perfect way to relax or take a break with engaging, gratifying, brain-boosting fun.

Even better, when your kids play the Hidden Pictures Puzzles app, they'll get practice in skills like:

  • Attention to detail
  • Concentration
  • Vocabulary
  • Persistence
  • Figure/ground perception
  • Object constancy 

So, enjoy wholesome, skill-building, find-it fun for the whole family today!

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0 stars
1 Star I think is generous....For sure not a great app I remember these as a kid growing up I loved these magazines...but they really do trap u into paying monthly it really is hard to unsubscribe looks like u literally have to call I can’t find any other way to do so....they have already taken money from my account...I do not ever write reviews I think this is... Read Moremy first time I’ve ever done so...I think that the programmer should really make an easier way for their consumers to unsubscribe if they would like to do so easier than it is a little more honest I think u would go a long way just my opinion if I were the owner of this app I wouldn’t be to happy with how the creators handled building this app it’s hurting ur reputation and u have a great reputation u have been around for years since I was a child and I’m 34 now good luck hope this gets to the right people good luck I’m unsubscribing ASAP I would have done so if this was all handled differently
by Noble Smith
Love pictures.
by Becca Urquhart
Just so you know, they invite you to play the free full version for 30 days blah, blah, blah. Every response to the cost of this app is the same, so don't waste your time complaining about the fact that this says FREE in the Google Play store, it is indeed not free. You all would be better off actually listening to and considering the complaints of your customers... Read Moreinstead of spewing the same generic response. Will be deleting this app immediately.
by cantfindanicknametous
Can’t figure out how to end my subscription
I’m done using this app and need to know how to end my subscription. The app was fine, but I feel like I’m being trapped into paying it for life.
by FreddieB
$48 a year for a kids’ puzzle app?
We are subscribers to the print magazine, so I hoped this might be included... but no. So I thought I would try it for “free,” but you can’t even try it without first agreeing to a $4/month subscription after the trial!! Clearly, they are banking on people forgetting to cancel their subscription. We have numerous, amazing kids’ apps for when we travel... and none are $48!! Pass.



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