Set of 12 Slides

Ages 8+

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These microscope slides for kids work with the Young Scientist's Microscope Set.

Set includes:
Goldfish Scale, Rabbit Hair, Camel Hair, Cat Hair, Canary Feather, Dog Hair, Sheep Hair and Feather Fowl Point


Stem of Corn, Leaf of Nerium, Onion Rind, Silver Berry Scaly Hair, Woody Stem of Pine, Camellia Leaf Section, Bamboo Shoot and Stem of Sponge Gourd

Dragonfly Wing, Worker Bee Wing, Bee Antenna, Bee Abdomen, Leg of Butterfly, Wing of Butterfly, Wing of Locust and Leg of Honey Bee

Textile Fibers:
Hemp Fiber, Silk Stuff, Cotton Fiber, Bemberg, Panya, Nylon, Wool and Handmade Paper

Tiny Creatures:
Common Red Sponge, Angora Rabbit Hair, Ant and Mouse Fur

Pollens & Spore:
Tulip Pollen, Leaf Spore, Pine Tree Pollen and Orange Pollen


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